D&D Premium Session: Escape the Darnaashian Isles

Join us for an afternoon of wild adventure on the far off Isles of Darnaash. You, along with a handful of other adventurers, have been captured — but have now escaped the grueling fighting pits and are fleeing across the untamed wilds of the island. Are we out of the frying pan and into the fire? What horrors do the wild lands hold and can the adventurers escape their pursuers? Most pressing of all: how do we escape the isles without a boat?

When: Sunday, Aug 19th, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $25.00 (Or 8 Hero’s Rewards). If you participated in “Gladiators” entry fee is only $20 but does not include a free mini (use the same mini and character from part one).

Details: Escape the Darnaashian Isles is a custom adventure created in-house by BKG and intended for level 6 characters created using Adventurers’ League rules. Don’t spend too much time picking out items — all of them were stripped from you when you were taken to the Isles. Creating a character backstory or having an idea how you want to role-play is a good idea, but this session is open to all levels of experience. This event is the spiritual successor to “Gladiators” but it is NOT required that you have played in the first event to enjoy this one.

Because in the past our D&D events have filled up quickly, preregistration is strongly encouraged.

Prizes: All participants will receive a set of BKG Strongbox RPG dice to help them enjoy this story of daring adventure. Players who are not playing in “Gladiators” will also receive a WizKids or Bones range D&D mini of appropriate size to represent their character. This mini may be picked out at time of registration if you want to paint it in advance of the campaign.

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