Age of Sigmar 2e Preview Event

Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition is coming, and we can’t wait – so we will be hosting a 2e event a week before it comes out!  Yes, BKG will have a copy of the new starter set, and the Malign Sorcery all put together (and painted…probably) for everyone to check out and play with!  But we also want you to bring your armies, and play some games too!

When: Saturday, June 23rd, 11:00am – 5:00pm

Event Entry: $5.00 -or- 2 Hero’s Rewards -or- FREE if you are in the Call to Arms

Event Details: We will help you get your new army sorted out within the new rules, and explain how many of the new rules work.  Players will earn a Hero’s Reward for each game they play as well!  Players can use our copy of Malign Sorcery to play with the awesome new spells!

Prizes: One random participant will win a $50.00 credit towards any of the new Age of Sigmar releases, or Preorder Bundles!

So join us for the first event of the new edition, before the edition even drops!  Let’s sort out together how it’ll all work, and get some games in!

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