MTG Battlebond Release Draft

This Friday, during FNM, our players will have the chance to play a Two-Headed Giant draft using Battlebond!  This will be an option for our regular FNM draft time, so if there are enough players interested we will run both the Battlebond Release draft, and the regular Dominaria draft.

When: Friday, June 8, 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 -or- 6 Hero’s Rewards (the same are our regular FNM draft)

Two-Player Draft: For a 2HG draft players with with their team mate, and we run pods of 8 players (4 teams) ideally.  Teams get 4 packs for Battlebond, and open one pack at a time, and select two cards from each pack as they are passed.  Matches are a best-of-one.  We will play 3 rounds, just like our usual FNM Drafts, and prizes are distributed similarly.

Battlebond Launch Promos & Bonus Pack: In a typical FNM Draft our players draft with 3 packs each.  Since Battlebond recommends only 4 packs for a team draft, players will each get a Battlebond booster pack at the end regardless of how they do.  Additionally we will pass out, at random, special Battlebond Promo packs, which contain a pair of partner cards in them, to each team.  These promos WILL be passed out before drafting, and teams CAN use the promos in their draft decks.

Prizes: Like our regular FNM drafts we will put 1.5 boosters in to a prize pool for each player, and those packs will be distributed among the teams that go 2-1 and better.  This is an FNM event too, so it does qualify for our FNM promo cards (Cast Down) as well.

So be sure to jump on this rare opportunity at a Two-Headed Draft, and celebrate the first ever multiplayer focused set!


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