Kickstart: Arcadia Quest Riders

***UPDATE: Unfortunately we have discovered that CMON is only allowing this pledge to US pledgers – so we will no be able to take pledeges on this one – sorry for any inconvenience!***

Arcadia Quest: Riders is a campaign expansion for Arcadia Quest (or Arcadia Quest: Inferno!), players must defend the city of Arcadia against Malkhor, the Great Hunter, and his vicious Jacklols. But they don’t have to do it alone! Fighting alongside them in this all-new campaign, the Heroes will have the aid of the Mounts, enormous beasts of burden!

Why Would I Do That?

This expansion introduces a major new element to Arcadia Quest as these magnificent Mounts can carry Heroes across the map, pushing back against their foes and using their unique abilities to help their Riders!

By pledging through Black Knight Games instead you get several benefits:

  1. You don’t need to pay shipping!  Normally you would need to pay a separate shipping fee when the item ships.  Pledging through us means you don’t pay that, nor do you need to remember to check your email to make the payment – or risk missing out!  Note: we do collect sales tax, but this would always be less than the shipping, and you are guaranteed not to owe any duty charges.
  2. Support your FLGS!  One hang up for many people when using Kickstarter is that you are bypassing your Friendly Local Game Store.  By cutting out the FLGSs you aren’t doing anything to keep their doors open to you and the other members of the local gaming community.  But, through this Kickstarter you DO support your FLGS – AND – you support the game you are excited about!
  3. Get the game early, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  4. Get any of the add-ons you want, just like if you had Kickstarted it on your own!
  5. Gain the flexibility of making a pledge, changes to a pledge, or additions up to a month after the Kickstarter!  As a partner store we are able to modify our order as long as their pledge manager remains open, so pledging with us allows you all kinds of flexibility – even the ability to pledge late!
  6. Half Now/Half Later!  Normally with a Kickstarter you are asked to pledge the full amount up front, which means that your money is tied up for the entire duration of the Kickstarter.  When you pledge through BKG you have the option to only pledge half now, and pay the other half when you pick it up.
  7. Do it all for no added cost!  We agree to sell you all pledges and add-ons at exactly the same price as the Kickstarter.  So, you will pay $65 USD (based on that days exchange rate) for any of the basic pledge level (Board Game + Stretch Goals)!

Check out all the details on the Kickstarter on their KS Page!

So pledge now if you are a fan of Arcadia Quest, because who doesn’t want some sweet mounts for their chibi adventurers!?

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