Call to Arms Age of Sigmar Coming Soon!

We are very excited to announce that we will be running our first Call to Arms in well over a year, and it will be for Age of Sigmar.

For those who haven’t participated in a Call to Arms, it is my favorite event type that we run.  In a Call to Arms all participants register an army they intend to complete, and a deadline is set.  Participants work away, encouraging each other, and play games along the way until the deadline arrives and everyone shows off their newly-painted armies.  We host a get-together for the Call to Arms participants, have food, play games, and check out each-other’s handy work.

The reason I love Call to Arms is that it really allows a community to gel.  Everyone, be they new players or experienced veterans, are sort of on the same level at the same time – playing a brand new army.  AND everything is painted!  It’s an almost magical time in the life of a community during and after a Call to Arms, when everyone is at the same spot in their hobbying.

So, we are obviously very excited to be running this multi-month event, and if you are interested in getting in to Age of Sigmar, or growing your collection, keep your eyes out for our full announcement – coming soon!

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