Star Wars Legion Clash APR

Star Wars Legion is the exciting game of big Star Wars battles!  At Black Knight Games we are very excited about this game, and can’t wait to start running regular events for our Star Wars Legion players!  To that end we have scheduled a series of tournaments, as well as ‘Clash’ events, here are the details of our first Clash event:

When: Saturday, April 28, 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 (or FREE if this is your first Clash event – which of course it is because it’s ours!)

Clash Ballots: Clash events are not-quite-tournament events, where you are rewarded for playing games, teaching new players, winning matches etc.  Players will have multiple ways to earn ‘Ballots’ which will be used at this, and future Clash events!  We will draw a winner at each event, from the ballots earned that day.  Then all the ballots that didn’t win will be added to the Big Bin which will be drawn at the very end of the series of 3 Clash events.  Players will earn a ballot for all of the following:

Playing Games at the Clash Event: 1 Ballot for each 400pts (so playing an 800pt game would get you 2)
Winning Your Game: 1 Ballot
Attending Your First Clash: 1 Ballot
Bringing Someone New to Their First Clash: 1 Ballot (cannot be earned on your first Clash)
Teaching Someone New How to Play: 1 Ballot
Posting on Social Media a Picture of You Playing at Our Event: 1 Ballot
Showing us a Newly Painted Unit: 1 Ballot (Must have been painted in the past 2 weeks)
Showing Exceptional Sportsmanship: Bonus Ballots at the discretion of the Event Organizers

Prizes: The winning ballot at each Clash event will win any Star Wars Legion item they want up to a value of $5.00 x the number of participants (So if the Clash had 9 participants they could choose any SWL product worth $45 or less).  After the first 3 Clash events we will draw an additional winner from the Big Bin of all remaining ballots.  This is the Big Winner and they may choose ANY Star Wars Legion item they want (including the Starter Set!).

Additionally all participants will get a Hero’s Reward for participating, and Stronghold Members will get a second one!

We will also be keeping a leaderboard for the total number of Ballots earned throughout the series of 3 Clash events, and the top 3 participants overall will also win a Bonus Hero’s Reward.

So get some games in of this fresh and exciting game, help us build a community, and win some sweet prizes!

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