Knights of Blackwood: MTG Young Planeswalkers Tournament

Calling on all Young Planeswalkers – do you have what it takes to battle it out in our Youth Tournament for Magic: the Gatheirng?

Knights of Blackwood: This event is open to all Knights of Blackwood members (our FREE Youth program for those 6-16 years old, so join now if you aren’t a member!)

When: Sunday, March 18, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Entry Fee: $8.00 (Or 2 Hero’s Rewards)

Details: Bring a ‘Standard’ legal deck, if you don’t have one we will try and provide one to you.  The tournament will be Swiss format, 3 Rounds.

Prizes: All participants will win a promo card, a Booster Pack from any Standard Set, as well as a Hero’s Reward which can be redeemed for many prizes, including Knights of Blackwood Pets!  The winner of the tournament will also get an additional Booster Pack!

“Magic was the game that started it all for me.  When I was 11 I started playing Magic: the Gathering, which really started my love of gaming.  Twenty-four years later here I am with a game store, and MTG is as important to me as ever!” – Jay

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