Knights of Blackwood: Learn to Paint

Join us for an afternoon of miniature painting – it’s the perfect way to spend some of your March Break!

Knights of Blackwood: This event is open to all Knights of Blackwood members (our FREE Youth program for those 6-16 years old, so join now if you aren’t a member!)

When: Monday, March 12, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Entry Fee: $5.00 (Or 2 Hero’s Rewards)

Details: Bring your brush, and any miniature(s) you want to paint!  Don’t have a brush and/or mini? – we will provide them to you!  We will have a dedicated staff here to teach you how to paint miniatures, from the basics to more advanced techniques.  Paints, stations, water cups etc are all supplied by us.  Parents and guardiands are welcome to join too!

Prizes: All participants will have the chance to earn a Hero’s Reward which can be redeemed for many prizes, including Knights of Blackwood Pets!

“I started playing miniature games when I was very young.  I loved them because they gave me something to do with friends, something to collect, and when I was on my own I loved to paint!  There are so many great and easy techniques we can teach you to get your minis looking good right off the bat.” – Jay


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