Ixalan Store Championship

Magic is done with Game Days, and from their ashes rises the new Store Championship event!  This Ixalan Store Championship event is the first ever of these event types!

When: Saturday, December 30th, 12:00pm (Registration opens at 11am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 -or- 3 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A Hero’s Reward for participating

Format: Standard, 3-5 Rounds of Swiss (Based on number of participants), Cut to top 8

Game Day Event Prizes: All participants will get a Ghalta, Primal Hunger promo card. We will add $10.00/Participant to the Prize Pool, to be distributed to the Top 8. Additionally the Top 8 players will receive a promo deck box.  In addition to their other prizes the winner will earn the Store Champion Playmat!

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