Unstable Draft Weekend

Unstable is here in all it’s punny glory!

To celebrate Unstable we will be hosting a Draft Weekend today (Sat, Dec 9) and tomorrow (Sun, Dec 10).

When: We will fire draft pods whenever we have enough players to do so, throughout the weekend, so show up, put your name down, and as soon as there are enough people it begins!

Entry Fee: $20.00 /or/ 6 Hero’s Rewards

Format: 3 Rounds, Booster Draft (Unstable)

Prize Pool: 1.5 Unstable Booster Packs will be put in to the Prize Pool for each participant, distributed to anyone going 2-1 or better.  Every participant will get an Earl of Squirrel promo card.  In addition to their prize packs the winner of each pod will get a limited edition Unstable Poster!

So join in the shenanigans, Unstable is a truly fun set to play, and especially to draft – you will have fun for sure!

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