The 12 Games of Christmas

Each year we at Black Knight Games select twelve great easy to play games that we think would make an amazing gift for pretty much anybody.  These games are always priced in a price range that isn’t prohibitive, and are games that anyone – non gamers, and hard-core gamers alike – can enjoy together.  We keep our 12 Games of Christmas well stocked, and always have an open copy for you to try and check out – to make sure it’s the game for you!

For each of the 12 Games of Christmas you get you will be entered in to a draw for one of four $50 Gift Cards!  These prizes will be drawn in the new year.

The 12 Games of Christmas for 2017 are:

Codenames: Winner of Game of the Year for 2016, Codenames is a clever clue-giving game where you have to get your team of spies to guess the correct combination of words.  There are now five versions of Codenames: the original, Pictures, Undercover (Adults only), Marvel, and Disney (perfect for younger gamers)

Cockroach Poker: Cockroach Poker is the ultimate game for sneaky cheats and liars…but in a good way!  Trick your opponents in to believing your poker face and stick them with a set to eliminate them!

Magic Maze: Magic Maze is a real-time cooperative game with a hilariously bizarre theme – you are all trying to help a group of adventurers wander the mall to find their weapons.  It’s a game you have to try to truly understand, but once you do you’re hooked!

Ghost Blitz: Ghost Blitz is a speed game where players have to rush to find the correct item when a card is drawn.  It’s fast, fun, and anyone.  And, it features some fun wooden pieces!

Patchwork: One of the very best games to play with two players, Patchwork is a masterpiece of Euro-game design, where the players are attempting to make the most aesthetic patchwork quilt.

Hanabi: Winner of Game of the Year in 2013, Hanabi is a charming co-operative card game where you hold your hand of cards backwards so that everyone knows what you have but you!

Star Realms: A great two player deck-building game of space combat.  If you can beat Mike at it you win a prize…seriously…he’s really good.

Exploding Kittens: One of the most successful game on Kickstarter ever!  Exploding Kittens is a hilarious game from the makers of The Oatmeal comics where you manipulate the deck to make sure you don’t draw an exploding kitten!  All three versions of the core game, as well as the Imploding Kittens expansion count for this promotion.

Coup: A simple bluffing game with plenty of options to mix it up.  You can perform any action in the game…as long as people don’t call you out for it!

Unlock: Escape Rooms have truly become a phenomenon, as people love to test their minds against interesting puzzles.  Unlock allows players to get that experience right at home with six different Unlock games!  Unlock uses a free app that players enter their guesses in, as well as carefullyillustrated cards.

Set: Set is the original speed perception game.  In it players compete in real-time to find sets of like and unlike cards.  A classic, and the perfect game for any lover of more traditional card games.

Lost in R’lyeh: In this simple yet strategic game you are trying to get rid of all your cards first.  Easier said than done as the Elder Things tend to mess things up for you – and don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the name – C’thulhu likes it that way!

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