BKG Web-Forum Shutting Down

It’s time.

The old-school community forum has lasted over ten years! But, the time has come to close it down. Interaction on the forum has dwindled over time, and now most posts don’t even get a single reply. We will be creating a good spot on the website where all of our communities, on Facebook and other places, are organized. Where you will be able to find more modern ways of interacting with the rest of the Black Knight Games community.

We will be closing the forum at the end of November 2017, so if you happen to have any content on there that you would like to save, or make record of, you have one month to do so.

Thank you to everyone that made it a place of sanctuary for local gamers, especially in the early years before Facebook and other social media took over. This was the kind of place we would all check on a daily basis. But technology has evolved, and we no longer need this type of forum.

Onward and upward!

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