MTG: Team League (Ixalan)

For this league season we will be trying something a little bit different for our League Play: a Team League!

When: Mondays (4 of them: Oct 2 – Oct 23), 6:30pm

Entry Fee: $35.00 or 9 Hero’s Rewards / Player

Teams: Players are divided in teams of 4.  You can register your foursome, or you can register and we will do our best to place you with other players to form a team – first come, first serve.

Players Get: A total of six booster packs, 1 Hero’s Reward (2 if they are a Stronghold Member!), an Ixalan Deck Box to hold their decks, and an ‘Unclaimed Territory’ Promo card.  In addition players have a chance to win prizes (2 Packs/Person in to the prize pool).

Event Format:

Team Sealed: Teams start by opening 12 booster packs together as a group, and form four decks from the cards opened. Teams open a further 4 packs in each of the following three weeks, adding to the team card pool, and modifying the decks.  The cards are owned by the team, and it is up to the team to decide how to split them.  If the team can’t agree on how to split, they will re-draft among themselves at the end of the league.

Weekly Gameplay: Each of the four weeks will feature a different type of gameplay.  Each week players will play three rounds, and will score points in each game based on the number of players in that game (for example if we are playing Two-Headed Giant one week each match win would be 4 points since there are four players in each match).

Week 1 (Oct 2) – Single Player Matches: Players play against members of rival teams 1 on 1 (matches are each worth 2 points)
Week 2 (Oct 9) – Two-Headed Giant: Players play as pairs against rival teams in the 2HG style (matches are each worth 4 points)
Week 3 (Oct 16) – Emperor + Solo: Players play in teams of three in ‘Emperor’ format, with the fourth players on each team playing one another in a 1 on 1 match (Emperor Match is worth 6 points, Solo Match is worth 2)
Week 4 (Oct 23) – Multi-Player: Players play in one of four multiplayer games, each team sends one player to each game – the last player standing wins it (Multi-player matches are worth 1 point/player in them – depends on number of teams overall)

This format means that each week there is the same number of points up for grabs.

Prizes: At the end of the four-week league the team with the most overall points will be the winner!  The winning team will win a Booster Box of Ixalan.  Additional prizes will be provided based on overall attendance (2 Packs/Person in total with the first 36 going to the top team).

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