MTG: PPTQ Sealed Iconic Masters

It has been some time since we’ve hosted a PPTQ, but we are coming back with a bang with this Iconic Masters Sealed PPTQ event!

When: Saturday, December 9, 11:00am (check-in begins at 10:00am)

Entry Fee: $100.00

Very Early Registration Deadline: Due to the difficulty associated with a limited set like a Masters, and predicting how much we will need to set aside for this event, we will be requiring participants to pre-register by November 12th.  However, since it is so far in advance we will only ask for a payment of $40.00 up front to reserve and guarantee your spot, with the balance due at the event.

Format: Sealed Deck (Iconic Masters), 4-6 Rounds (based on attendance) and a Cut to Top 8.  Rules Enforcement Level: Competitive

Prizes: The winner of the event will get an invite to a Regional PTQ.  Additionally we will be putting two Icon Masters booster packs in to the prize pool per participant.  The prize pool will be split among those in the Top 8, with more going to those that make it furthest.

So join us for this one-time opportunity to play in a competitive Masters sealed event!  And make sure to register by the earlier-than-usual deadline to reserve your spot!

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