MTG: League (HOU)

Black Knight Games is excited to announce the Hour of Devastation League!

Begins: July 17th, lasts until August 13th

Entry Fee: $20.00 // 6 Hero’s Rewards

Stronghold Members Get: A FREE Hero’s Reward for participating

Players Get: 3 Booster Packs, selected from either Hour of Devastation, or Amonkhet.

Additional Packs: Each week participants may purchase an additional booster pack of either set to add to their card pool.  Players may purchase a further pack for every three match losses they have.  Players may always purchases these packs in later weeks to catch up to the packs they were entitled to.

Decks: Players will have a deck registration sheet that they will leave at the store.  All cards opened in the initial three packs, and the additional packs, may be used to build your deck.  Basic lands may be added, and are supplied by the store.  Decks have a minimum of 30 cards.

Games: Games can be played against anyone else in the league at any time.  Players are encouraged to come out on Monday Night for ‘League Night’ where they will be even more likely to find opponents.  Matches are a single game, which makes getting lots of games in very easy!  Players may not play the same person more than twice a week.

Prizes: Anyone that gets at least 15 games played will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that gets to 10 wins will get a FREE Booster Pack.  Anyone that accomplishes both will also get a FREE Hero’s Reward.

The single player with the most wins at the end will win the Poster-sized Oath of Ajani Card we have!

The single player with the most games played will win the Poster-sized Oath of Gideon we have!

If it’s the same person for both they will have their choice of the two, and the second one will be given to the person with the highest total of wins + games played.

Magic League is a great way to explore the new set, and create a motivation to play new players and get some fun casual games in.  Plus you can win a cool giant-sized card!

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