BKG10 News: Pirate Labs Added to New Ranges

Our Anniversary Party may have passed, but we aren’t done celebrating out 10th just yet.  We still have a few new product line announcements to make, and one major announcement coming.  Here are two of the final three new product line announcements for our 10 New Lines for 10 Years:

Pirate Lab2

Pirate Lab3We met the folks at Pirate Labs while at GAMA in Las Vegas, and their collectible card game accessories really impressed us.  I really fell in love with their ‘Slice’ deck cases, as well as some of their upcoming deck boxes that we should have soon.

Pirate Labs also has inexpensive Deck Cases for 120 Cards and 80 Cards.

Pirate Lab1One of their specialties is nice carrying cases to hold many decks.  They have backpacks, messenger bags, which we may bring in next time.  The cases we decided to try out in our first order are their ‘Small Case’ that will hold a handful of decks, and have space for things like tokens and dice as well.

Our initial order is en route already, so come by in a week or so when it gets here and check them out!



Warlord Games makes two large ranges that we have already brought in as part of our 10 Product Lines for 10 Years: Bolt Action, and Konflikt ’47.

We have also brought in a nice selection of Warlord’s real specialty: Historicals.

Warlord Games distributes rules and miniatures from all eras of military history, from the Ancient Greeks to modern times.  They also distribute the miniatures of some other smaller historicals companies, including the popular Perry Brothers Miniatures.

We have brought in books and minis from the most popular settings, including Ancients (Romans & Greeks), Pike & Shotte, Black Poweder (including US Civil War, and Napoleonics), and the already mentioned Bolt Action (WWII).

The range is truly immense though, so if there is something you wish to have that isn’t already on our shelves, let us know.  From this point forward we will be making very regular orders from Warlord directly, so we should be able to accommodate any customer orders. in good time!

Warlord 2

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