BKG 10 News: Stronghold Membership Changes

Black Knight Games, as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, are excited to announce a set of changes to our Stronghold Membership!  Customers can expect to see all the things they loved about the old memberships, streamlined, with some fun new perks.

What Are Stronghold Memberships?

Stronghold Membership FrontStronghold Memberships have been a part of the BKG loyalty program since we opened the store ten years ago.  Memberships are not required to play in our space, but they do entitle their owner to a bunch of great loyalty rewards.  Members get more Stronghold Points for the money they spend, they get discounts on snacks and drinks, perks for signing up for events (like discounts and Hero’s Rewards), as well as some additional benefits. Customers may buy a membership each year, gaining them access to all the benefits!

What is Different?

This will be the second major adjustment to how Stronghold Memberships work, and with each one we get closer to the type of system that works perfectly for everyone!  Last time, four years ago, we updated the program and added Stronghold Points, one of our best loyalty programs.  This time we are making several small changes that we believe will improve the program even more!  Let’s go through the changes:


Stronghold Points: Stronghold Members still earn 5 points instead of 2, just like always.  Additionally these points may now be used to discount MTG Singles, Star Wars: Destiny Singles, Snacks & Drinks, and Events!  On top of that, when you buy MTG Singles or SWD Singles you will now collect Stronghold Points!

Why?: We had good reasons originally to not allow discounts on some items, and to not allow points to be collected on others (mostly administration reasons).  We have since then found a way around those issues, and are happy to now allow more flexibility on the collection and redemption of points!

Set Annual Expiration: Going forward memberships will not expire one year from the date you buy them, but will all expire on the same day: July 1st (right around our Anniversary).  But, don’t worry, if you buy a membership part-way through the year you will be compensated additional Stronghold Points to make up for the portion of the year you missed!

So, for example, if you bought a membership on January 1st (half-way through the Stronghold Year) you would be given half the value of the membership in bonus points.

Why?: We are making this change for a few reasons: The first is that it will be much easier for us to track expiration dates when everyone expires at the same time.  Secondly, it will allow us to have a Membership drive leading in to the new year, and offer bonuses to those who register at that time.  It will also allows us to do some other fun things for members, since we will have less of a rotating membership.

How will the Transition Work?: If you already have a Stronghold Membership, nothing changes!  Your membership will continue to be valid until we said it would.  When you re-new your new membership will be the new style.  We will be giving an additional bonus to anyone that renews to the new system this month (June), so if you want to immediately switch to the new style you can!

So for example, if your current membership lasts until the end of September, you are still a members until then.  In September when your membership expires, you can renew for the current 2017-2018 membership and get bonus Stronghold Points to make up for the part of the year you missed.

Stronghold Membership Back 2Stronghold Membership Cards: We will have a unique card made up for each year to give to our Stronghold Members.  In addition to being proof of membership, and providing details to you, there are five one-time perks that can be redeemed.  These can be redeemed whenever the condition is met (if there is any), and the perk will be stamped to signify that it has been used.  These five perks are:

  • Happy Birthday!  Get $5.00 Off one purchase during your birthday month!
  • Gain an additional Hero’s Reward when you play in one event!
  • Get 10% off any one purchase, or order!
  • Get a free snack or drink!
  • Get a Hero’s Reward if your renew your membership for next year before this year expires.

Why?: We have always wanted to have some additional fun perks to membership, but it’s always been a pain to track.  We even tried doing the birthday bonus, but eventually it faded away.  This new system puts those bonuses right on your card – making tracking redemption easy!

The Price: We will be raising the price from $25/year to $30/year.

Why?: The amount of rewards that we will give out in the next year is more than in the past, to help compensate for that we decided to raise the price slightly.

Snacks & Drinks: No change here, Stronghold Members will continue to get a discount on snacks & drinks!

Stronghold Members Facebook Group: We will be adding a members-only Facebook group that only our Stronghold Members can join.  In the group we will post early-bird offers, special sales, and offer you a chance to give us feedback on ways to make the store better!

Why?: This will give us a direct way to give our members some extra fun offers, and deals, and to address just them.


Anyone that renews their Stronghold Membership in the month of June will get a free Hero’s Reward!  This applies to new members, as well as existing ones who want to update to the new program!

We are very happy to be bringing this cleaner and more streamlined Stronghold Member program to our customers, and we hope you are happy with the changes.  If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!

For the full details of the Stronghold Program, check out blackknightgames.ca/strong


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