Imperial Assault Tournament

When: Saturday, June 10th, 10:30am – 4:00pm

Cost: $6 ($5 for active Stronghold members).

This will be a 40-point Skirmish tournament with a bit of a twist. You will be required to bring two lists and each list must be a different faction (splashing with “Temporary Alliance” and abilities like Saska Teft’s is fine). At the start of the tournament you will get a number of “bid chips” equal to twice the number of rounds we will play. Before each round but after you know your opponent and have a chance to look at their lists, each player secretly bids a number of bid chips to have the first choice of which of their squads to use.

Players simultaneously reveal their bids and the player that bid the highest gets to choose which of their squads they will play (ties are resolved via coin-flip). Then, the other player picks one of their own squads to play that must be a different faction than the player who won the bid’s chosen squad. Once a bid chip is spent it is spent for the entire tournament.

This format is to ensure no mirror matches and to encourage variety in list building.

Registration will begin at 10:00 AM and the first match will begin at 10:30 AM. Only official Imperial Assault figures (no proxies or tokens) may be used. Players are responsible for bringing everything they need to play including dice, maps or map tiles, and scenario cards.

Third-party maps may be used if both players are amenable to using them. All players should bring official map components.

Be sure to consult the “Product Legality” page on Fantasy Flight Games‘ website to ensure your figures are legal for use:

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