International TableTop Day 2017

Every year the folks at Geek & Sundry sponsor what amounts to a gamer’s holiday.  International TableTop Day is a day where gamers across the world get together and enjoy their favorite pass-time together.  Black Knight Games has been a part of ITTD from the beginning, and we will, of course, be participating tomorrow!

When: Saturday, April 29th.  We will open up our official ITTD gaming time from 12pm – 5pm, but you are definitely invited to play all day here, and at home!

What: You are encouraged to play any table-top games you wish, be they board games, card games, miniatures games, or roleplaying games!  For every unique game you play at BKG you will earn a point that can be spent on our prizes!

Prizes: Every year we put together a great selection of gaming promos, expansions, and goodies.  This year is no different, and you will be able to ‘spend’ the points you earn by playing a variety of games on whatever you wish!  Some prizes will be small, like a button, and will only cost 1 point.  Others, like a full game, might cost you ten or more!  One way or another you will walk away with some great stuff just for enjoying games on Table Top Day!

Entry Fee: It’s Free!  Black Knight Games saves up all kinds of promos we get throughout the year just to give away on this date!

So Join Us!  Whether it’s here or at home, we hope you have a very happy Table Top Day!

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