MTG: Magic Open House

Wizards is adding an exciting new event-type on the weekend leading up to the Prerelease: an Open House event, geared at new players!

When: Saturday, April 15, 1:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Who Should Come: New players are encouraged to attend, as well as players getting back in to the game.  Established players looking to be a helpful guide for new players should also feel welcome to help out!

What to Bring: If you have a ‘Standard legal’ deck, bring that, otherwise we will provide you with a start-up half-deck to play with!

What to Expect: This event is a casual learning-opportunity for new players.  We will have a staff member on hand to help teach the game to players, and players are also encouraged to have some fun playing pick-up games with each other!

Promo: Participants will get a cool premium foil full-art land from Amonkhet!  These are reserved for new players as well as established players that bring a friend/family member that is new!

So if you are new to Magic, this is the event for you, and we hope to see you out on April 15th!

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