Star Wars Destiny Spirit of Rebellion Prerelease

Black Knight Games is excited to bring our gamers a prerelease event for the first expansion set of Star Wars Destiny!

When: Saturday, April 1st, 11:00am

Player Cap: 36 (so be sure to preregister if you want to reserve a spot!)

Entry Fee: FREE (although you can buy up to 3 Spirit of Rebellion Boosters)

Event Details: Players bring their SWD decks to the Prerelease event, and are able to upgrade them with new cards (before the set has even released!), and play games with others in our Star Wars Destiny gaming community.  Players will get a ‘Mission Brief’ card with achievements that players can attempt to complete.

swd mission

Prize Promos: Players that complete their Mission Brief achievements will earn up to three special Promo Cards!


So join us for an exciting event, get a chance to have some games, and to try out the new set – and then get REWARDED for it!  This is an event that you won’t want to miss!

Tournament: We will also be hosting a Star Wars Destiny Tournament immediately following this preview event, so fill up the rest of your day with even more SWD goodness!



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