SW Imperial Assault Tournament

Black Knight Games is hosting a 40-point skirmish tournament.  Contact Chris Engler if you have questions about game or tournament rules.

Entry Fee: $6 ($5 for Stronghold Members)

When: Saturday, March 11th, 11:00am

Prizes: We have an FFG Prize Kit for this event which includes the orange damage dial and alt-art Alliance Smuggler cards as top prizes and alt-art Imperial Officer cards as participation prizes.

What you need to bring:
• 40-point squad with cards and figures (official Imperial Assault miniatures only, no tokens or proxies)
• 15-card Command deck totaling no more than 15 points
• Maps (or tiles), scenario cards and setup diagrams for the following legal maps: Anchorhead Cantina, ISB Headquarters, Coruscant Landfill
• Dice, doors, and all required tokens
• Two printed copies of your roster with point values to show you have a legal 40-point squad and a legal command deck. “It’s on my phone” is not acceptable. Please be courteous and arrive with these filled out legibly.

We will do Swiss pairings and the number of 65 minute rounds will depend on the number of attendees per FFG’s tournament guidelines. There will not be a cut to single elimination. Players will be ranked based on tournament points with the first and second tie-breakers being strength of schedule and extended strength of schedule, respectively. Please ensure that you are completely registered and ready to play at least ten minutes before the stated start time.

Except for miniatures, deployment cards, command cards, and dice, third-party gaming components may be used at the discretion of the tournament organizer and staff of Black Knight Games.

No third-party reference materials may be used. As a reminder, FFG’s organized play rules prohibit the writing down of information (except for VPs scored) during a game. This includes writing down the names of Command Cards your opponent used.

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