Age of Sigmar: Community Party

Since we have had a couple of groups sprouting up for Age of Sigmar in the past couple months, with the Call to Arms, and the Thursday night gamers, we have opened up what was formerly the Call to Arms Finale to all of the members in our AoS community!

When: Sunday, February 26th, 5pm

After the store closes all are invited for pizza, prizes, and gaming! We will also host a painting contest as well.

Entry: Free – to C2A Participants, $5.00 for everyone else

You Get: Pizza, Drinks, Gaming, Fun!

Painting Contest: All participants can submit an entry in all three catagories: Best single model, best large model, and best unit (fun prizes for winners)

Last Call for Call to Arms: For those that participated in the Call to Arms you will be awarded points for your efforts, which you will be able to spend on your choice of prizes. This is the new DEADLINE for finishing your armies – so you’ve got a couple more weeks!

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