Happy Birthday Mike Sale!

It’s Mike’s birthday today, and he’ll be here all day.  So he decided that the thing he wanted most for his birthday (apart from a new airbrush) is to give everyone the chance to get some great games at a great deal!  But, like most gamers, Mike is pretty opinionated and he’s only willing to doll out deals to people buying his FAVORITE games.

So – today we will be offering to anyone that wishes Mike a happy birthday 10% off any purchase of Mike’s favorite games!  What are Mike’s favorites?  Well you’ll have to ask him (or maybe convince him) as to what those are, but you can bet they’ll include stuff like Star Realms, and Dungeons & Dragons, and Blood Bowl, and pretty much anything Mantic (dude loves that company…)

So drop by today, wish Mike a happy birthday, and grab yourself some of his favorite games at a discount!

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