Age of Sigmar Call to Arms: Jay’s Journal

Jay HeadshotWith the insanity that was the Black Friday weekend now past I can take a moment and get planning my own Age of Sigmar Call to Arms force.

For those who aren’t familiar, Call to Arms is my favorite way to start an army for a game.  In a Call to Arms we get loads of players all starting up forces for the same game at the same time.  With a bunch of great events to encourage us to complete out armies we all work away learning our armies, and painting them up, with the goal of all finishing by a certain deadline.  The end result is that we get a bunch of excited players all playing new painted armies at the same time – it’s truly a fresh start for any game.

We only do Call to Arms a couple times a year, so now that it is Age of Sigmar’s turn I knew I had to get right involved.  I’ve been playing Warhammer since I was 12, and it’s always had a spot in my hobby-heart.


Skitter Skitter

Building to a Theme

I have always been a player that has placed theme above all else.  While there is nothing wrong with building an army around rules you like, my true love has always been to tell a story with the army – it’s something that I feel really helps everyone get into the spirit of the game.

For my army I am going with a Forces of Destruction army, with a Forest Goblin theme!  I have, over the course of a couple of years, accumulated lots of forest goblin miniatures, and now I have the chance to finally use them!  My forest goblins will focus on their orky spider god, and everything about the army will involve spiders, and webbing all over the place on the bases.

How I Will Pull ot Off

When building an army to a theme you will often feel limited with the options available to you.  For example, there are only three forest goblin units: Arachnorok Spiders, Spider Riders, and Boss of Gigantic Spider.  I could certainly just go with those units, but I find it more fun to expand the army a bit further – and to do that I will need to examine other options.

I want to stick with Forces of Destruction, because that will keep the army legal for competitive play.  I could just throw in some Savage Orcs (after all they would look like appropriate allies), but I really just want to stick with a goblin tribe.  So, I am left with looking at other goblin units that I can make look like forest goblins.

Right away I decided I wanted to have some goblins on foot – so I will run with some grots.  There are two grot units, and I have chosen the Night Goblin ones because they have an option for netters in the unit – which I really feel fits with the spider-web-thing.  Forest Goblins on foot – check.

I also want to add some support units.  I like squigs, but their inclusion might take away from the whole spider theme – perhaps I will make some spider-squigs somehow?  The Arachnarok spider comes with a catapult, which I will not be using.  It also comes with a shaman on top with spidery webbing that is really reminiscent of the Doom Diver.  Maybe I will add some kind of forest goblin catapult, or forest goblin doom diver to the mix.


Nothing wrong with this tree…

The Wow Factor

Because the theme is so important to me, it’s always been my goal for other players to have a bit of a ‘wow look at that!’ moment when they first see my army.  Having a unique theme, and a well painted army will always get you pretty close to that, but it’s also a good idea to think about what might be something aesthetically that you can do to set your army apart – to make it memorable.  It can be many things: a bold or unique colour scheme, a beautiful display board, a particularly impressive centerpiece model, some painting detail that really catches the eye (like impressive banners, free-handed tattoos, or heradlry for example).

In my case I have decided that I want to really go hard on the bases.  Forest goblins obviously come from a cluttered forest landscape, and the spider-factor just keeps screaming at me to cover logs, mushrooms, and shrubs with some impressive spider webbing.  So that it my plan!

Give It to Me Straight Doc, What Are My Odds!?

When beginning a Call to Arms, or any project, it’s important to be optimistic about your chances of success.  Will I be able to get this army done by the deadline?  Well I am known for being slow, and abandoning projects…  But, I have also completed both the Warmachine and Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms challenges over the past year or so – so I feel good.  Yeah it’s Christmas, yeah I’ve got three kids, and yeah I have excuses – but I’ll put my odds at 90% to finish – who wants to bet me!?

Join Me (My Spiders are Hungry)!

Whether you are new to Age of Sigmar, or an established player, I highly recommend joining in to the Call to Arms experience.  It’s my absolute favorite way to build an army, and it’s only made better the more people join in.  So consider signing up for Call to Arms today!  Don’t worry, I promise my spiders are friendly (ish)!

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