Black Friday Weekend is Coming

Black Knight Games will be having an entire weekend of sales to kick off the holiday season.  Our Black Friday Weekend will run from Friday to Sunday, and all of our promotions and deals will last that entire duration, and while supplies last.

We will announce exactly what will be on sale at 6pm on Thursday, so definitely check out our announcement at that time foe even more details.  There are some things I can share now however:

Thumbs UpDoor Busters
We will be selecting several items that will be on sale for a really good price.  These specific items are ones we will have a good amount of stock on, but that will be limited to first come first serve.

Bonus Points
All purchases will earn a number of bonus Stronghold Points

Holiday Deals & Draws
Beginning on Black Friday we will launch our always popular Holiday Bundles Program, including the 12 Games of Christmas and our Holiday Draws.  All purchases on Black Friday Weekend will be entitled to BOTH the Black Friday benefits, AND the Holiday Deals benefits.

Limitation on Magic: the Gathering Trade-ins
We will be very busy this weekend with our sale and eight different events (!), so we will be limiting MTG trade-ins to only cards on the Hotlist for the duration of the Black Friday Weekend.  Fear not MTG players we will have some great promotions to make it up to you!  If you really need to trade in singles we suggest you drop by over the next couple of days to do so.

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