Blood Bowl is Back! Full Launch Schedule

That’s right sports fans the great game of Blood Bowl is back – and back in a big way!  Despite the fact that GW hasn’t supported the game for over a decade, Blood Bowl has always been a popular game at Black Knight Games, with our tenth season (!) just wrapping up now.  But, now that the game is getting an amazing new edition, and will be supported front and center by Games Workshop, we expect very big things from Blood Bowl in the future here at BKG.

blood-bowl-box-contentsReleases & Preorders:

The following items can be ordered now, and will release on Friday, November 25th:

Blood Bowl Core Game: $119.99
This is the game itself, it includes two team (Orcs & Humans), the board, rulebook, and everything you need to play a standard game of Blood Bowl.
Pre-order by November 21st and get a coupon for your choice of $10 off and Team Set, FREE entry to the Winter Bowl, or FREE entry to BKBBL Season One!

Death Zone Season 1: $29.99
This book will include rules for additional teams, like Dwarfs, Skaven, Elves, and Nurgle.  It also includes all the rules you need to run leagues and manage your team – a must buy for all Blood Bowl fans!

Skaven Team: $39.99
The first expansion team will be released on day 1, and it’s sure to be a popular one!  Includes 12 Skaven players – enough to play.  Buy two and you have every possible option covered for your positions and journeymen/mercenaries.

Skaven Block Dice: $14.99
Warpstone-style dice, includes 3 Block Dice, 2 D6, a D8, and a D16!



The Fractured Leg is Back! Check out the Special Issue for all our Blood Bowl plans

Upcoming Events:


Blood Bowl Preview: Saturday, November 12th
Join us two weeks before release to check out, and even try out the new Blood Bowl core set!  Black Knight Games is proud to be among a limited number of stores that will have an early-bird copy for our players to see.  So drop by and see the store decked out in Blood Bowl regalia, and maybe even get a little something to take home with you…  Entry Fee: FREE

Demo Day: Saturday, November 26th, 12pm – 5pm
Demo Day is one of our biggest events each year.  In it participants get to move from station to station trying out many different games, and getting a little something fun for that game as a prize.  It’s basically like our own little mini convention, and is the best way to search your your next favorite game.  Blood Bowl will be on demonstration along with the rest, so join to to try it out – and get a little something fun too!  Entry Fee: $10.00

Blood Bowl Re-Launch Party: Saturday, November 26th, 5pm – 10pm
With the game releasing the day before we need players to get playing!  Join us on Saturday evening and get some games in!  For each game you play, touchdown you score, and serious injury you cause you get a ballot to win some very cool Blood Bowl prizes!  Entry Fee: FREE

Blood Bowl Winter League Begins: Saturday, November 26th
Our Winter League will begin, allowing players to play pickup games whenever, and with whoever they want!  These games will be tracked on, and allow you to advance your team with new skills, players, injuries etc!  Entry Fee: FREE

Blood Bowl Winter Bowl Tournament: Saturday, December 31st
The Winterbowl is a special tournament, with a cool event kits from GW that includes a Winter board, and special winter-themed cards!  Join us for a one day tournament to close out 2016 and win some cool prizes!  Entry Fee: $15.00 / FREE when you use your Pre-order coupon (see above)

Blood Bowl Team Building Contest: Saturday, December 31st, 12pm
Where is your team from?  How were the founded?  What makes them unique?  Submit your logo, team theme, and story in our Team Design contest to win some fun prizes! We will be taking submissions for this design contest beginning on December 26th.  Judging will happen at the Winter Bowl tournament, but you don’t have to be there to win.  Entry Fee: FREE

BKBBL Season One: Begins in February 2017
In the new year we will see the re-launch of our popular BKBBL league!  The BKBBL has had ten successful seasons so far, and we are very excited to re-launch it along with the new edition.  So register for Season One when the time comes! Entry Fee: $15.00 / FREE when you use your Pre-order coupon (see above)

Get Hyped!

Blood Bowl is a hilarious, silly game – yet is is also extremely tactical, and a game that you can get easily infested in.  It’s a game that can appeal to all kinds of players, even those that have never played a miniatures game before.  So if you think you might be interested check out some of these great resources and get yourself hyped for this very special launch!

BKBBL.COM – our league tracker website.  Put together by dedicated volunteers, this site really is a work of art, and it tracks everything from game results, team advances, to players in the Hall of Fame!

BLOODBOWL.COM – The new website for the game.  Check out pictures, videos, wallpapers, and loads of other stuff about the re-launch of Blood Bowl.

Unboxing Video – An official unboxing video of the new game.

BKBBL Group – A Facebook Group dedicated to our local community, a great place to ask questions, or schedule your matches.


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