Warhammer Age of Sigmar Call to Arms

A Call to Arms army building league is the biggest combination of events that we can do for a miniatures game  In a Call to Arms participants all begin an army at the same time, with the goal of completing the army by a certain deadline.  To encourage participants we will be running great events throughout the league, we will have incentives for everyone to participant and finish their army, and at the end we will have a big party to celebrate everyone’s accomplishment!

Building Your Army:

In our Age of Sigmar Call to Arms players aim to complete a legal 1500 point army of Age of Sigmar using the General’s Handbook army building guidelines.  Participants can use any unpainted miniatures that they have access to (assembled, and even primed is fine), however they should show a staff member, or send us pictures to prove it’s not painted for any miniatures that weren’t bought during the C2A.


In Call to Arms players are rewarded for their participation and accomplishments in the form of Muster Points.  Players will get a Call to Arms tracking sheet when the Call to Arms begins where they will track their Muster Points.  Muster Points can be earned in many ways, and spent at any time for a variety of rewards – it’s up to each player!

Registration: Participants can join in two ways:

Option 1: Pay a $40 entry fee
Option 2: Pay a $20 entry fee and buy either a Start Collecting Bundle, an Age of Sigmar Starter Set, or if none of these suits your army talk with the staff about making another comparable purchase instead.

Important Dates:

Registration Opens: Today (Nov 8).  Players may begin assembling any models they wish, and they may begin painting Battleline units.
Call to Arms Begins: Thursday, November 17.  Players may now begin painting all their miniatures.
Deadline: Sunday, February 5th.  We will have an after-hours party to celebrate!


Early Bird Buildathon: Sat, November 19th, 4pm
Join us for an model-building marathon!
Entry: $10/4 Muster Points     Prize: Each participant that army-builds for 2+ hours gets a free paint, brush, or glue ($10 max)

The First Muster: Thu, November 24th, 6pm
The Call to Arms kicks-off with a rules & tactics discussion, and some games!
Entry: $5/2 Muster Points     Prize: Players earn ballots for their games, one random player wins a General’s Compendium!

Realm of Heroes: Sat, December 24th, 12pm
Bring your best hero to do battle in two venues: the vaults of a Warhammer Quest game, and Arena of Khorne
Entry: $10/4 Muster Points     Prize: The MVP of each Silver Tower game wins a set of BKG Custom Dice.  The MVP of each Arena of Khorne gladiator battle wins a BKG Tape Measure!

Vanguard Engagement: Sun, January 8th, 11am
Join us for a half-sized 750 point tournament!
Entry: $10/4 Muster Points     Prize: Best General, and Best Sport will win store credit, based on attendance.

Review the Troops: Thu, January 19th, 6pm
Create your own Warscroll Batallion, and try it out against the creations of others.
Entry: $5/2 Muster Points     Prize: Prizes will be awarded for Best Theme, Best Story, and Best Rules, as voted on by the participants.

Call to Arms Finale: Sun, February 5th, 7pm
After the store closes all the participants are invited for pizza, prizes, and gaming!  We will also host a painting contest as well.
Entry: Free – Exclusive to C2A Participants     You Get: Pizza, Drinks, Gaming, Fun!

Earning Muster Points: Here are the ways you can earn Muster Points, and how many of each you get:

  • Register for Call to Arms (4pts)
  • Paint your first Battleline Unit (2pts)
  • Paint a legal 1500pt army by the deadline (12pts)
  • Upgrage your army to a painted 2000pt army by the deadline (+6pts)
  • Upgrade your army by the deadline by a further 500pts beyond 2000pts (+2pts each)
  • Convert, or ‘kit-bash’ a Leader of Behemoth model in your army (1pt)
  • Convert, or ‘kit-bash’ a full unit in your army (1pt)
  • Participate in a Call to Arms event (1pt each)
  • Participate in a Thursday Age of Sigmar gaming night (1pt each)
  • Make a post in our Call to Arms Facebook Group updating the community of your progress (+2pts each / once a month)

Spending Muster Points: Here are the ways you can spend the Muster Points you’ve earned:

  • 1 Point – Enter a ballot in a draw for prizes. Draws will be held during C2A victory celebration in February
  • 1 Point – Select a copy of White Dwarf Magazine from our extensive back-catalog of weekly White Dwarf Magazines.
  • 2 Points – Receive $5.00 off the entry fee to any “Call to Arms” event
  • 4 Points – Select a FREE 12ml Citadel Paint
  • 8 Points – Receive a free copy of the new White Dwarf Magazine!
  • 9 Points – Get a $10.00 credit towards the purchase of any product in store for each 10 points redeemed.
  • 30 Points – Get %50 off the purchase of a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar starter set, or any Start Collecting! Boxed set for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
  • 60 Points – Get a FREE copy of the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar starter set, or a FREE Start Collecting! boxed set.

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