Netrunner Tournament = 1 Core Set, 1 Big Box, 1 Datapack, 1 Card

When: Saturday, November 12th, 11:00am (Registration begins at 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $8 ($7 for Stronghold Members)

Details: is a casual format for the Netrunner cardgame that aims to lower the barrier to entry to new players and offer existing players an interesting challenge. Decks (both runner and Corp) are constructed from a limited cardpool, selected by each player on their own.

Players build decks with the cards from a single Core Set with 1 Big Box, 1 Datapack, and one playset of any card.

1 Core Set (you may not use more than the one or two copies included in the set of cards that do not include three copies)

1 Big Box (Deluxe expansion, for example Creation and Control)

1 Datapack (For example, What Lies Beneath)

1 Card (1 full playset of a single card from any pack or box of choice; for example, 3 copies of Grimoire or 6 copies of Spy Camera)

Free ID Choice (ID choice is not limited by the selected cardpool)

Runner and Corp Independant (chosen box and datapack may be different for runner and corp decks)

Official FAQ, but no Most Wanted List enforced (Errata from official FAQ is enforced, but MWL will not be used)

All other deck construction rules as normal. Happy building, and we hope to see you out!

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