MTG: Kaladesh League


Black Knight Games is happy to announce our first Magic: the Gathering league in over a year!  The Kaladesh League will utilize a format that Wizards is testing out for official league play, and we can’t wait to give it a try!

Runs From: Monday, Octover 24th – Sunday, November 20th (4 Weeks)

Entry Fee: $20.00 (Stronghold Members get a free Hero’s Reward!)

You Get: 3 Kaladesh Booster Packs up front, and another free Kaladesh Booster Pack after you play 10 games.
Additional Buy-In: Each week (starting on Monday) players will have the option of buying an additional Kaladesh Booster Pack to add to their card pool.  Additionally whenever a player loses 3 games they may buy an additional Kaladesh Booster Pack to add to their card pool.

Format: Players are to make a deck using only the cards they open for the league, and from basic lands – decks must have at least 30 cards in them.  Matches are a single game, and you can play anyone else in the League, however you cannot play the same person twice in a row.

Monday evening will be our official meet-up time from 6pm-10pm, however games can happen any day or time of the week, but must be played at BKG.

League Tracking: Players will be given two sheets: a league tracker sheet, and a deck registration sheet.  Players track their games played on their league tracker sheet, bringing it up to the staff member whenever they wish to purchase additional packs for the league.  Players fill out all the cards they have in their pool, and add those they add later on on the deck registration sheet.


Players turn in their sheets at the end of the league and are given 1 point for every game played, 1 point for each win, 1 point for each additional pack purchased in the league, and 1 point for each friend they got to join the league (max 3).

Players get League Prizes for the number of points they earned throughout:

1-10 Points: One ballot for our draw for a free booster box of Aether Revolt
11-20 Points: One ballot for our draw, and one pull from our pull box.
21-30 Points: One ballot for our draw, one pull from the pull box, and 1 Hero’s Reward.
31-40 Points: Onc ballot for our draw, one pull from the pull box, and 2 Hero’s Rewards.
41 Points +: One ballow for our draw, one pull from the pull box, 2 Hero’s Rewards and a Booster Pack.

Additionally the top three players based on number of points will get a Poster-Sized double-sided magic card, with the top player selecting first (these are really cool!)

Promos: Wizards has said that they will be giving special promo double-sided Thopter/Servo Foil Tokens as a reward to us for trying the league format. Anyone that finished with at least 20 points will get one when they arrive.


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