MTG: Pauper Tournament

Join us this weekend for some low-budget magic fun!  Pauper is a Magic: the Gathering format that only allows decks made from commons!

When: Saturday, October 1st, 12:00pm (Registration at 11:30am)

Entry Fee: $10.00 / $8.00 for Stronghold Members /  2 Hero’s Rewards

Format: Pauper Constructed.  Players bring a deck made exclusively of cards that have, at some point, been printed as a common.  Please note there are 14 cards on a banned list (at the bottom of the page).  3-5 Rounds depending on turn-out, rounds are best 2 of 3.

Prizes: All participants will get a random pull from our pull box.  We will be putting up a From the Vault: Lore for the first place prize!  Additional prizes will take the form of store credit as long as there are more than eight players.

Banned List: 

So put away those bombs, and high-value mythics and scrape together a deck of commons this weekend!


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