Hero’s Rewards Updated

heros-reward-handOur Hero’s Reward program for Magic: the Gathering is one of our most successful promotions ever.  For those that aren’t familiar we give out special Hero’s Reward cards as promotional giveaways, prizes, and rewards at our various Magic: the Gathering events.  You can trade in those hero’s reward for a variety of different prizes, each one requiring a certain number of Hero’s Rewards as payment.

With each block we update the look and style of our Hero’s Rewards, and we are proud to introduce to you our new Kaladesh-Themed Hero’s Reward set!  With our new Kaladesh look we have, in my opinion, our nicest looking Hero’s Reward card yet.  We also have one change to our reward options:

We replaced the ‘Spend 3 Hero’s Rewards to get a discount on a Booster Box’ option (by far our least popular) with a new ‘Spend 1 Hero’s Reward to get a Free Chip, Candy, Pop, or Water –or– Spend 2 Hero’s Rewards to get a Free Energy Drink or Juice.’  We hope that this new option will appeal to the many players that we have, and will provide another easy option while you hang out in the shop.

Check out the full complement of Hero’s Reward options HERE

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