Force of Will – Prerelease Thursday

UPDATE: Prerelease This Thursday Night!!!

FoW Prerelease

Black Knight Games will be hosting a second prerelease tournament this Thursday evening for the newest, yet to be released, Force of Will set: Battle for Attoractia!

When: Thursday, June 30th, 6:00pm (Registration at 5:30am)

Entry Fee: $35.00 ($30.00 for Stronghold Members)

Attendance Cap: We can host up to 16 players

You Get: 6 Booster Packs, 1 ‘Darkness Magic Stone’ card, and 1 Exclusive Prerelease ‘Persephone, the Nether Empress’ card!  One random player will win a Playmat!

Rounds: 4 Rounds of Swiss, Cut to Top 4

Prizes: You win a Battle for Attoractia Booster Pack for each round you win in the Swiss rounds.  The Top 4 win one additional Booster Pack, and the Top 2 each win a Playmat!  The first place wins an additional Booster Pack, and 3 more copies of each of the two promos!

Sealed Format: 

Each player opens six booster packs. Cards are not drafted or exchanged in any way. Players may not trade cards with other players and may not add any cards from their personal collections. Only the cards opened in those booster packs may be used.

Players have 20 minutes to build a their decks:

Main Deck: You will build a main deck with a minimum number of 20 non-magic stone cards from your 6 boosters. You may include more than four copies of a card in your main deck.

-Ruler: If a card for the ruler you chooses isn’t available, you may use a proxy from any of the rulers in Battle for Attoractia.

-Magic Stone Deck: To build a magic stone deck, You may choose a minimum number of 8 magic stone cards from your card pool. You may include more than four copies of a special magic stone card in your magic stone deck. You may add any number of non-special magic stone cards from outside the boosters (you may bring your own).

Force of Will Tournament Guidelines

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