Warmachine & Hordes MK3 Global Shortage for Release


The Problem:

On Friday Privateer Press sent out a release to all retailers informing us that the first wave of the new Warmachine & Hordes product due for release on June 29th will fall far short of demand.  After contacting our distributors we have found that we will almost certainly receive far less stock on the initial release than expected.  We did end up getting the Premium kit (one of only two stores in Canada to get it), but beyond that it will be very tight with pre-orders for many items already passing our expected allocation.

Sherry Yeary, President of Privateer Press, wrote us:

We had no expectation that we could be sold out before launch and in fact believed we had ordered enough inventory to keep us supplied for several months.  After all, our hopes are to grow the audience for WARMACHINE and HORDES with the new editions, and that requires that we have the product to introduce new players to the game. It’s thrilling that demand has exceeded our wildest expectations but we do know that supply shortages are a problem when you have customers who want the product, and we must apologize for this very unforeseen inconvenience. We are working hard with our vendors to expedite restock orders and are hoping to have card decks back in stock in July, books back in stock in August, and Battleboxes following as quickly as possible after that.

With so many people wanting the new product, and us having a Call to Arms event coinciding with the release, this poses a harsh problem for us and our eager Warmachine & Hordes players.

Our Solution:

In order to make sure that as many people as possible get to enjoy the new edition on release day we will be doing our best to allocate the limited number of product that we do get as evenly as possible.  We will be contacting all those that have already made a pre-order with us, and asking them to select one deck and one battlegroup to list as ‘Priority’.  Customers ordering more than one may also list further options in descending order of importance to them if they wish.  With this information we will be able to assign the allocated product to those based on need, allowing more people to at least have one faction to start working on.  This should also allow us to lock in some items with a guarantee for customers.  Preference will be awarded based on giving people their ‘Priority ‘ product, followed by the date that it was ordered.

Any customer that is unable to get product that they pre-ordered on release day will be entitled to a full refund if they wish, or they can keep the pre-order with us and their order will be the top of the list when the second wave of product does arrive.

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