Tabletop Day 2016!

Tabletop Day 2016

Join us for the annual celebration that is Tabletop Day!  For Tabletop Day you get rewarded for simply playing games!  Join us and play any tabletop games you would like to earn points towards great prizes!

Entry Fee: FREE!

Tabletop Day Rewards: For each unique game you play you will earn a point.  These points can be spent on your choice of dozens of different prizes, sort of like at an arcade!  We will have all kinds of great promos, giveaways, and even complete games that you can win!

What Games Can I Play?: Black Knight Games has dozens of board games you can play.  But you can also play card games like Magic or Force of Will.  You can play miniature games, like Warhammer or Infinity.  You can even play RPGs!  Any game that you play in person on a tabletop counts – but remember you only gets points for each UNIQUE game you play.  So playing five rounds of Catan would only get you one point.  The idea is to play as many different games as you can!

So feel free to bring in some of your favorites, play our open copies, or even buy a new game and get playing!  Tabletop Day is our day to reward you for your love of games!

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