MTG: Triskaidekanight Magic – Special FNM Event

MTG Triskaidekanight Magic


1. extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen.

Join us on Friday the 13th for a special evening of Magic: the Gathering.  We will be exploring the haunting and mysterious nature of both Friday the 13th, and of the Shadows Over Innistrad set with a themed evening of gaming!

Triskaidekaphobia Draft

Entry Fee: $13.00
Prize Pool: 13 Packs per pod of 8-10

Thirteens Draft Format: As each player opens their pack they take all but 13 of the cards from the pack and set them aside in to their ‘Lucky Stack’.  They then draft the 13 cards from the pack normally.  Players repeat this for the following two packs.  Once the three sets of thirteen are drafted players take their Lucky Stack and draft it as well.

Anyone that drafts the card Triskadekaphobia gets a Hero’s Reward.

Are You a Werewolf?

In addition to the Triskaidekaphobia draft we will be running an ongoing game of Werewolf throughout the night.  The winners will in a prize!

So help us celebrate the unluckiest of days with style!


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