Force of Will: Prerelease March 5th at Black Knight Games

FOW Moonlit Savior Prerelease

Force of Will gamers we have some exciting news!  Black Knight Games will be hosting our first ever prerelease for Force of Will on the first Saturday in March.  This will be a limited seating event, with only twenty-four players allowed, so register early either by paying in store or giving us a call and paying for entry over the phone with a credit card.

When: Saturday, March 5th at 11:00am

Entry Fee: $35.00 ($30.00 for Stronghold Members)

You Get: 6 Packs to build your deck, a special basic J-Ruler Card (in case you don’t crack one), all players are guaranteed to get a promo.

Format: Rounds determined by attendance (3-5 Rounds), 60min rounds

Prizes: The top players will win prizes, including a playmat for the first place player. There will be a second playmat as a door prize as well!

This is our first ever prerelease for Force of Will, so the kits are still a bit of a mystery to us, but we expect it to be a ton of fun, and we are certainly excited to be able to host all of our great FoW players for a big exciting event like this one!

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