Force of Will Organized Play

FOW Game Nights

Black Knight Games is happy to announce not one, but two days for Force of Will at Black Knight Games!

On MONDAYS (starting now!) we will be hosting a Force of Will Game Night, which is casual play with an additional reward as described in our Game Night page:

On THURSDAYS (beginning Jan 21st) we will be hosting tournament play. For now we will use a similar format to our MTG Modern and Standard FNM events, however as we all learn how Force of Will functions in a tournament format we may change it up (so please give us feedback!):

Thusdays at 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $8.00/$7.00 for Stronghold Members

Prizes: 1 Pack in to the prize pool, additional door prizes and giveaways, Special Event Promos available each week!

The Prize Pool will be evenly split among the top players with each player having the same record receiving the same prize.

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