New Year’s Retrospective & Resolution



Jay HeadshotEvery year I like to take a look at how Black Knight Games has done over the past year when it comes to servicing our customers needs.  There is always room for improvement, and I believe that it’s important for a shop like ours to examine where we’ve succeeded, and where we haven’t – and to make the appropriate adjustments.

2015 Retrospective

This year saw some important changes at Black Knight.  We took pains to improve our Magic singles, and through the dedicated work of  the staff under the direction of Tim we have seen huge growth in that regard.  This was the first full year under Mike’s leadership up front, and he has implemented many small yet significant changes.  This year we brought back Call to Arms, and we are currently in the midst of the most successful Call to Arms event ever.  We ran more events then ever before, and improved our relations with other nearby game stores by coordinating events together.

This year was one of the best years we’ve ever had from a business standpoint.  Which is especially gratifying since we had a major hurdle this year in the absolutely abysmal US-Canadian exchange rate.  It’s hard to estimate just how much the poor Canadian Dollar hurt us, but it was a lot.  We have been able to cope with the hurdles we’ve faced by relying on the same four building blocks we have always focused on:

  • An amazing and invested staff, eager to help customers
  • An incredibly and loyal customer base
  • Knowledgeable and generous volunteers helping to solidify each gaming community
  • A commitment to running great event experiences

So thank you to all my amazing staff, the best customers in the world, and the awesome volunteers that help keep it all together!

2016 Resolution

Events - BKG

As I mentioned earlier, it’s important to look at where we can improve in the coming year. Of the four building blocks listed above, the weakest has been the fourth: ‘A Commitment to running great event experiences.’  Now, I would contend that we ran some amazing events last year (more than ever in fact), and that our volunteers helped in this regard greatly.  However, one major ingredient has been lacking more often that I would like – and that is advanced planning.

To that end I am making a commitment for 2016 to plan our events better, earlier, and to post and promote them better.  Too often in 2015 did possible participants miss out on events because I didn’t make them aware of them.  This has impacted attendance, and affected the overall health of the gaming communities at Black Knight Games.

The first step has been to re-launch and update our Events Page.  The new design is meant to put all the information you will need in one place.  Weekly game nights, tournaments, special events – all will have a home on the new Events Page giving you a snapshot of all the available gaming for each game system.  Not only does the Events Page have a smarter design, but I am committing now to post events to it much further in advance.  The goal will be to give you an idea of events for the next three months all in one place.

Over the next week I will be catching the page up, and pre-planning events for the next three months.

The next step is to support these planned events through Facebook, by creating events for them all well in advance.  Too often did we create Facebook events with hardly any time left, and that impacts your opportunity to discover and plan to attend the event.  We will create Facebook events, and link them to the Events Page so that you can join on Facebook, and keep up on any conversation and updates there.

It all feels so obvious, but it has been hard to get ahead on the planning in the past – so we will be using this moment to surge ahead.  Please hold me to this commitment, if you feel that events aren’t well planned or announced early enough – let me know.

This resolution will improve the quality of our events, as well as their attendance – and through this improvement we hope to make 2016 the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

~Jay Mason-Grant
Black Knight Games

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