Boxing Week(end) Promotions

Boxing Day Deals

While Black Friday has become pretty popular in Canada, Boxing Day has long been our biggest sales time.  Black Knight Games has several Boxing Day deals that extend past just the 26th of December, so have a look at some of the great options you have to spend those BKG Gift Cards on!:

Bonus Points Weekend:

Any purchases made on the weekend of Boxing Day (December 26-27) will be worth 50% More Stronghold Points!  This includes any other promotions that you might take advantage of.  Any purchases that qualify for Stronghold Points will automatically earn you more of them!  (Stronghold Members will get 7.5pts/dollar spent, non-members will get 3pts/dollar spent).

Boxing Week Deals:

We have five special deals that will be available for Boxing Week (December 26-December 31):

MTG - NewMagic Deal: Spend $50.00 or more (on sealed and/or singles) and get a Hero’s Reward with your purchase!


Force of WillForce of Will Deal: Buy any Starter Deck and get a FREE Booster Pack of your choice!


WMH 2Warmachine & Hordes Deal: Buy either of the Two-Player Starter Sets, or any Battle Box, and get 50% OFF any Book!


Warhammer 40KWarhammer 40,000 Deal: Make a $150.00 Purchase and earn 3 Extra Ballots in our Holiday Draw!  The perfect way to join in to the Call to Arms or pad your existing force!


Warhammer AoSWarhammer Age of Sigmar Deal: Buy the Age of Sigmar Starter Set and get an extra $50.00 worth of miniatures for FREE!

Holiday Bundle Deals:

Throughout all of our Boxing Day Deals you are always eligible for our Holiday Bundle Deals including the 12 Games of Christmas as well!


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