40K C2A: Jay’s Blog 1 – Enthusiasm

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My decision on which army to do for the Warhammer 40,000 Call to Arms came to me slowly.  If it had been Age of Sigmar it would have been easy.  Warmachine?  No problem.  But for Warhammer 40,000 I just didn’t know what to do.  I considered many armies, and while many of them appealed to me a bit – they were all missing a very necessary quality for me to truly dive right in: my enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a vital component of wargaming.  It is the gasoline that drives your hobby energy.  Enthusiasm is contagious, and I wanted to be contagious.  For me Call to Arms is all about community building.  You take a bunch of people, many of whom may not even know each other, and through a shared experience, multiple gaming sessions, and a single-minded goal we all come together and in the end are an amazing gaming community.  We’ve all gone through the ringer together, have a similar level of experience with our armies, and (very importantly) we all have fully painted armies.  So as the owner of the shop and one of the staff participating I NEEDED to be enthusiastic for my army so that I can share that enthusiasm and help propel the other participants forward.

Everyone finds their enthusiasm in different places.  Some people fall in love with the models.  Some people are gamers through and through and they get excited about what the gaming experience will be like.  Some people love the narrative of their faction and get lost in the lore.  Most of us fall into all three groups to an extent – but my best advice is to look to what excites you and always trust in that.

GenestealerCultSo, I found myself staring at the wall seeking inspiration.  My enthusiasm has always come from the fringes of the lore.  I love to pick a very specific, theme, and stick to it.  Basically I like all my armies to be little unique snowflakes that catch people’s eye and earn me excited responses.  Winning games is fine, but for me personally the real victory comes when people see my weird little hipster-army and get excited because it’s different than what they usually see.  That’s what makes the hours of assembly, planning, converting, and painting worth it for me.

Finally, after a couple of weeks of average ideas, and mediocre inspirations I found my army – all thanks to a passing comment from Justin G. during one of my Paint with Jay sessions.  I was admiring his beautifully painted tyranid army, and through the conversation he casually mentioned the words ‘Genestealer Cult’ – and that kernel of an idea never left my mind.

A Genestealer Cult is a weird old army from Warhammer 40,000.  The Cult is a group of people that have been infected by a genestealer, and they do their best to subvert the planetary government, in order to help soften up a planet for the inevitable Tyranid invasion.  The old models are suitably terrible and old-school and they have a nostalgia factor for me.  The army was exactly the kind of thing I would love working on.  It’s an actual force that many people would recognize, but not one that they will have seen much, if ever.  It provides me with opportunities to tinker with the army lists, and to do some converting.  It had everything I wanted – and I had finally found the enthusiasm I was looking for!

Next time I will talk about how to take a neat idea and find ways to make it fit in to the actual rules of the game, and how I plan to do just that with my happy little cult.

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