40K: Call to Arms Events

40K Call to Arms

For our article on the Call to Arms army building league click HERE.

Call to Arms will include several different event types.  These events (apart from the Call to Arms Party) will be open to non-Call to Arms participants as well, however Call to Arms participants will get in for Free.

Saturdays: Painting with Jay at 12:00pm

Almost every Saturday we will be running our usual Paint with Jay event.  Paint with Jay is a time for anyone to come and hang out and paint or assemble with a group of people, getting tips and talking, and having a fun time with the hobby side of the game.  During the Call to Arms span Jay will always be working on his force, and we will run some specific Call to Arms themed seminars as well.  Free to all.

Tuesdays: 40K Game Night at 6pm

Every Tuesday evening is Warhammer 40,000 game night.  During Call to Arms we will be upping our game on Tuesdays.  Some Tuesdays we will have a fun scenario available for players to use during pick-up games, but every couple game nights we will be hosting a special event night with a more organized feel to it:

Nov 17 – Build n’ Battle Tank Fight
Bring one unassembled vehicle or monstrous creature, build it, and fight!  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 1 – Battle of Skull Chasm Megabattle
Bring 1 Painted HQ Unit to fight in a Battle Royal.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 15 – 300pt Killteam Tournament
Bring a 300pt Fully Painted Kill Team, 3 Rounds.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Dec 29 – Infiltration of Space Hulk 0051444
Bring a painted 5 model squad for a tile-based scenario event.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Jan 12 – 500pt Tournament
Bring 500pts, fully painted.  3 Rounds, 50mins each.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Jan 26 – Grudge Match
Bring everything you have painted for the C2A (or up to 1000pts if you aren’t in it) and we will pair you against someone for a series of battles.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Feb 9 – Death Race
Bring one painted Vehicle, or Fast Attack Choice and speed to victory!  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants

Sunday, November 29: Bitz Swap

Bring all your leftover bitz, sprues, and minis from your collection and trade with each other!  A small goody bag of bitz will be supplied for those that participate to ensure everyone has something to trade.  $5 Entry, Free for C2A Participants.

Sunday, January 31st: Unfair Tournament

Bring all of the models you have painted for the Call to Arms (or if you aren’t in the Call to Arms up to 1000pts Battleforged fully painted) for a tournament day.  3 Rounds.  $10 Entry, Free for C2A Participants.

Painting Contests:

There will be two painting contests throughout this event. Be sure to submit your miniature for judging by 12pm on the Saturday of the event for judging.  The top three entrants will win a prize.  $5 Entry for each event, Free for C2A Participants.

Saturday, November 28: Single Model
Submit any small-scale miniature (20mm-30mm Base, or Cavalry/Bike base)

Saturday, February 6: Big Model
Submit any large-scale miniature (Vehicles & Monstrous Creatures)

Victory Celebration:

For the deadline we will be hosting a party for all Call to Arms participants.  The event will begin when the store closes on Sunday, February 21st, 7pm.  Call to Arms participants will enjoy after-hours gaming, pizza, snacks and drinks!  At the party we will unveil the super-secret Warhammer 40,000 league that will begin the following week, and give Call to Arms participants the chance to take up their starting positions on the map early.  We will also have rewards for those that completed their armies in time!

Super Secret 40K League:

Immediately following the completion of the Call to Arms we will begin an epic map-based Warhammer 40,000 league.  But shhhh…it’s a secret.  Entry Fee TBD, C2A participants will get in Free.

 TL;DR – 40K…so much 40K!

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