X-Wing Tournament

X-Wing Tournament

This Sunday Black Knight Games will be hosting an X-Wing Tournament, as well as a Star Wars Imperial Assault Event – It’s a Star Wars Day!

When: Sunday, October 11th, 11am (Registration 10:30am)

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Forces: 100pts

Gameplay Rules: 3-5 Rounds depending on attendance, FFG Tournament Rules, 75min Rounds, 3’x3′ play area.

Option Lunch Buy: Anyone interested can buy in to our Pizza Order for $5.00.  This get you at least three slices and a pop.

So spend some of your long-weekend hours with us playing some X-Wing!

SWIA - Tournament Oct

 When: Sunday, October 11th, 11:30am (Registration at 11:00am)

Entry Fee: $6.00 ($5.00 for Stronghold Members)

Event Format: Casual Event, 3 Rounds of Swiss – No Cut, Skirmish Tournament Rules (availableHERE), 55 Minute Rounds

Scenarios: Mos Eisley Outskirts, Massassi Ruins, and Moisture Farm

Bring: Your copy of Imperial Assualt, and a legal army.  An Imperial Assault army consists of figures with their corresponding Deployment cards, any Skirmish Upgrade cards, and a 15-card Command deck. The total cost for all of a player’s Deployment and Skirmish Upgrade cards cannot exceed 40 points. Each Command deck must contain exactly 15 cards, and the total cost of a player’s Command cards cannot exceed 15 points.


Prizes: We have the Summer Imperial Assault OP Kit which we will distribute to the winners.  Each player in the top 16 will get a special Alt-Art Trandoshan Hunter Card, the top 4 will get a Imperial Assault Token/Dice Bag and a set of acrylic focus tokens, the top 2 will get an alternate art IG-88 card, and the winner will also get a Champion Medal!

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