Paint With Jay Every Saturday

Paint with Jay

One of the most fun experiences I have with miniature gaming is getting together with a group of people and just working on our projects together.  We don’t need to be painting the same game, or even working on the same kind of project, but just the act of hanging out socially and hobbying with others really provides motivation and fun.  Participants chat, share ideas, and teach each other techniques they’ve learned.  One might be assembling their new Skaven force, while another paints up their Warmachine Colossal.

The thing that works so well about an open experience like this is that it is inclusive.  One person might be painting for the first time, trying to add some colour to some miniatures in a board game they own, while another is a seasoned expert working on the next in a long line of miniatures.  These people can still add something to the experience of the other despite the fact they they are coming from different places.

To promote this kind of inclusive hobby experience I will be meeting pretty much every single Saturday at noon here at the store and working on painting, assembling, terrain, or other hobby projects.  I invite you to join me.  It doesn’t matter what you want to work on, just show up, hang out, and hobby with me and others.  I will be happy to share my 20+ years of painting and hobby experience, and I’m sure that others will too.  We can all have fun, get some minis done, and learn new tricks and techniques along the way.

Occasionally I might run something a little more organized, like a seminar or something, but mostly it will be us hanging out at the same table painting.

When: Saturdays at 12:00pm – 4pm (or longer).

Entry Fee or Requirements: None

Bring: Whatever you’d like to work on, and whatever paints, glue, brushes or tools you need.  If you have nothing I can lend you a brush and paints, or for those starting from zero I can even give you a mini to try painting for the first time!

So join me Saturdays and lets do some painting!


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