Not So Board Gaming: October

NSBG October 2015

Our first Not So Board Gaming event for Sheriff of Nottingham was a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to do more!  Join us every other Saturday in October for some more great board gaming!

Entry Fee: Each participant puts in a $5.00 deposit which immediately becomes store credit for them which can be used on a game, snacks, whatever!

Featured Games: At each event Ryan will have a couple of copies of the featured game to play.  Players are encouraged to try out the featured game, and Ryan will be on hand to teach it to those that have never played it before.

October 3rd, 4pm: Libertalia – a set collecting pirate game – Yaaar!

October 17th, 4pm: Smallworld – an area control euro game with amazing combinations of races & abilities.

October 31st, 4pm: Halloween Themed Games – A mix of some great spooky horror titles

Keep Playing!: After running the group through the featured game participants are encouraged to keep playing!  Bring your own, or try any of the games on out open games wall!


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