Space Marine Chapter Design Contest

SM Chapter Design Contest

Black Knight Games will be holding a Space Marine Chapter Design Contest and you are invited to submit your own original chapter idea!

How it Works: Participants can join by putting a deposit of $5.00 in and getting a FREE Space Marine Figure.  They assemble the figure and paint in in their newly invented Chapter’s colours.  Then they submit a one page chapter design along with their painted miniature by the deadline, at which point they get their $5.00 back in Store Credit.

Deadline: All submissions must be made by Saturday, October 3rd (which just happens to be a 40K Tournament!)

Submit: Players submit their design for a chapter, which includes the painted space marine, as well as a single page chapter design, which can include anything they wish, like a chapter symbol, history, a short story, combat style and anything else they can fit on to a single side of a page!

Prizes: There will be three winners, and three runners up, with one winner and one runner up for each of the following categories: Best Overall Design, Best Painted, and Best Fluff.  Winners will win fun prizes!

So grab a marine today, and show us your creativity in the Space Marine Chapter Design Contest!

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