Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Battle of the Scrolls

AoS - Battle of the Scrolls

On Saturday, July 25th, we will be running a fun day full of Age of Sigmar!  Battle of the Scrolls will be a casual tournament format where we focus on playing games and having fun.

When: Saturday, July 25th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Members)

Random Prizes: We will have a bunch of fun prizes to give away.  Each player will get 3 ballots to try and win prizes and will earn another ballot for each game played, and for each victory.  The player with the most victories will get a $20.00 BKG Gift Card in addition to the ballots they’ve earned.  At the end of the event we will draw for each winner and pass out the prizes!  The more participants we have the more prizes we will draw.

Open Format Tournament: Players are able to play as many times as they wish during the course of the event.  Come up to report the result and we will assign you a new opponent.  Players that arrive late or need to leave early are more than welcome!  This event is all about us all getting games in with the new Age of Sigmar rules, enjoying ourselves, and winning some cool stuff!

Age of Sigmar Army Composition: While Age of Sigmar is designed for great casual play already we will be using some fairly simple army guidelines to make sure that each force is somewhat balanced for this event.  Please have a look over our Army Building Guidelines document and assemble your forces accordingly.  Please let us know what you think/thought of these rules so that we can improve them for our next event!

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