Changes to our MTG Buying Policy

MTG - BKG Buylist

Having a well-stocked and up to date selection of singles is important for any store selling MTG.  At Black Knight Games we have always tried to provide a decent selection at a fair price.  However, there are often times when our selection wanes and doesn’t offer many of the staples our customers are looking for.  Correcting this is something that we have been working on recently, and it is with the goal of providing a better selection of singles that we have decided to make a few changes:

MTG Buylist Page: We have created a Buylist Page where our MTG buying policy is clearly spelled out.  Our hope is that by making this page available and easy to find our customers will have more confidence trading in.

BKG Hotlist: We have also created a new Hotlist which will be available on our Buylist Page.  The Hotlist is a collection of our most desired trade-ins.  You will receive a bonus 30℅ more when trading in or selling items from the hot list than you would for non-Hotlist cards.  So if you were about to get $10 in trade, it would be $13 if it’s on the Hotlist.  The Hotlist will change on a regular basis to keep our most desired cards on it.  Our goal with the Hotlist is to give players a reason to trade in the more popular cards, which should mean that we have a more steady selection of staples in stock for our customers.

StarCityGames: We will be switching our pricing standard to  It has become apparent that the majority of our customers prefer it as a pricing standard.  We believe that making this switch will allow our customers to feel more confident in our pricing both for buying and selling.

Cash Trade-Ins: While we will always offer our customers more for their trade-ins in the form of credit, we are clarifying our cash-buying policy.  We will usually be able to make cash offers on trade ins, depending on cash on hand and the individual Staff members buying-clearance.  The items on the Hotlist will get the 30% boost as well when dealing in cash.  For full details on trading in for cash check out Buylist Page.

We are hoping that our customers will feel even more comfortable trading with the store now, and that we will be able to offer an even better selection of singles for sale in the near-future!  Let us know what you think of these changes to our buying policy.


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