Age of Sigmar: Join in!

WAOS - Preorder

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is coming, and we have got you covered with everything you need to know about the newest incarnation of Warhammer!

Try it Out Now!: Black Knight Games was able to get an exclusive early copy of the Age of Sigmar set, along with a great demo board.  So, if you have any interest in trying it out come on by any time, and our staff will be more than happy to run you through a quick demo game!  We will be doing these demos for the foreseeable future, so if you can’t make it in this week drop in next week.

It is VERY Different: Age of Sigmar is more than the usual new edition – it is a completely new game.  The rules are quite different, yet maintain many familiar things.  You really need to try it to see how different and fresh it is.

The Rules are FREE!: For the first time in decades the Warhammer rules are free!  Not only can you find the full rulebook online, but also the rules for all of the existing units as well!:

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Rules & Compendiums

Why Jump In Now?:  It has been years since a big new game has had this kind of momentum at Black Knight Games.  Age of Sigmar is new, fresh, and appeals to new players.  We expect that this summer Age of Sigmar will really be big.  We’ve also got several great promotions to help you out including a draw, a painting incentive, and a special introductory price!

Age of Sigmar Draw: Anyone that purchases Age of Sigmar from Black Knight Games by August 11th (the first month of release) will automatically be entered in to a draw for $150.00 in Warhammer product of their choice!

Age of Sigmar Painting Incentive: Anyone that purchases Age of Sigmar from Black Knight Games and paints up any two Warscrolls from the set can bring them in to show us, and earn themselves $10.00 in BKG Credit!  Deadline: August 11th.

Special Introductory Price:

Stronghold Members or Miniwargaming Vault Members that buy Age of Sigmar from Black Knight Games in it’s first month of release (by August 11th), will get the set for only $124.99!  That’s a $25.00 savings!  That means that even if you AREN’T a Stronghold Member you could become one AND buy the set for the same price as the set normally is!

With all of these offers we are hoping to get as many new players playing Age of Sigmar this summer as we can.  It is truly a special experience when a brand new game catches fire in a community, and we believe we can have that with Age of Sigmar.  So join in the fun this summer as dozens of enthusiastic gamers take on a brand new game here at BKG!

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