40K: Summer Campaign is On!

40K - Summer Campaign

Get your 40K on this summer with our Warhammer 40,000 Summer Campaign!  You can play whenever and however much you want – and it’s open to everyone.

When: You can play your games at BKG any time you would like.  Our 40K game night is Tuesday, so that is an excellent time to expect games, but you can play other times as well.

If you are interested sign up in store for FREE!

Games: Games can be played with anyone – not just players that have signed up for the campaign.  Simply play a game worth at least 1000pts, and then submit the results via results ballot to the box.

Prizes: Our Standard Bearer Mark is providing some prizes in the form of BKG credit to those that participate.  He will randomly draw two of the game ballots and award those drawn with $20 in credit.  Additionally there is a $20 prize for the individual that submitted the most, and $10 for the individual that submitted the most losses – so there is plenty of incentive to keep playing regardless of how well you’ve done!

Fore more info check out these links:

The Complete Summer Campaign Rules
Game Results Sheets

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